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Choosing energy saving lightbulbs can be time-consuming. The reviews left by buyers can be a very useful guide, but there are just so many that it takes hours to whittle down the best buys. So, through a combination of our own personal experience and strong feedback from other customers, here we will build a list of recommended bulbs.

By: Long Life Lamp Co.
Type: 80 LED / 6W
Col. temp: Warm White (3000k)
Dimmable? No
Comment: Gives an immediate bright (rated 360LM) light which successfully replaced 50W halogens in our kitchen. Used a few months now but it's too soon to rate life expectancy. [KOB].
Item Link: 6w 80LED Energy Saving GU10 bulb

By: Long Life Lamp Co.
Type: 27 LED / 5W
Col. temp: Warm White (3000k)
Dimmable? No
Comment: Many positive reviews of this bulb - overwhelmingly good feedback.
Item Link: LED 5 Watt Warm White 50w replacements
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