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New to This? Read Our Primer on Choosing Low Energy Bulbs
Let us help you make sense of the options available. Read our brief 'primer' to get you off on the right track to choosing eco-friendly lightbulbs
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Choosing energy saving lightbulbs can be time-consuming. The reviews left by buyers can be a very useful guide, but there are just so many that it takes hours to whittle down the best buys. So, through a combination of our own personal experience and strong feedback from other customers, here we will build a list of recommended bulbs.

By: Long Life Lamp Co.
Type: 80 LED / 6W
Col. temp: Warm White (3000k)
Dimmable? No
Comment: Gives an immediate bright (rated 360LM) light which successfully replaced 50W halogens in our kitchen. Used a few months now but it's too soon to rate life expectancy. [KOB].
Item Link: 6w 80LED Energy Saving GU10 bulb

By: Long Life Lamp Co.
Type: 27 LED / 5W
Col. temp: Warm White (3000k)
Dimmable? No
Comment: Many positive reviews of this bulb - overwhelmingly good feedback.
Item Link: LED 5 Watt Warm White 50w replacements
Choice Guide
Here are some essential things to bear in mind as you browse through our collection of energy-saving LED, CFL and Halogen lightbulbs and light fittings. We also have a selection of full spectrum lights, replacement bulbs and SAD light boxes. For more help on how to choose and what to expect from the newer generation bulbs, read our page on selecting energy efficient lightbulbs.

Be aware that the 'whiteness' of the light can differ greatly from product to product. Those described as 'Daylight White' or 'Pure White' are suited where a bold light is wanted (shops, displays). In the home it comes across as clinically white, partly because we've become used to an orangy-yellow glow from our lights at night. We generally recommend opting for 'Warm White' bulbs in the home - a Colour Temperature of around 2700K would be 'Warm White'. For a slightly whiter light but not too stark, go for 3000K - this will often also be termed 'Warm White', so it's best to check the Kelvin value and not rely on the description.

Descriptions of "equivalent to..." are open to interpretation and thus should be viewed with caution. An output of 380-400 Lumens - if the bulb performs as claimed - will be close to the output of a 50W Halogen.

The base will be standard, but the upper part of the bulb may be wider, or the length quite extended. This is especially true for CFL (compact fluorescent type) bulbs, though there are mini versions. Some may not fit if the mounting 'cup' is quite deep. Also, some CFL candle style bulbs can be over 30% taller (and appreciably wider) than the incandescent type you're replacing, so while the base will fit, the size may unbalance the look of your chandelier. CFL candle bulbs of a length very similar to a standard candle bulb (around 100mm) are available but many are 133mm or taller.